Saturday’s Top Five Laughs- Come join our Blog Hop!

It is finally the weekend so it is time to share all your top five laughs! This week was quite funny in our household so I hope you enjoy my laughs. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend.

As usual this is a blog hop for your top five laughs. If you have a cute/funny/”aw” post, please link it up as well. Please do not link up, if your post does not fall in one of these categories. If you would like to take my button, please do so. Also, if you could help me promote this hop- I would love that as well. Tell your friends- afterall, laughter is the best medicine!


My Top Five Laughs:

5. Zane got another haircut last week. They asked me if they could use the razor behind his hair so they could get a neat neckline. When they did the buzzing sound and started doing it, he loved it. He kept signing “more”. I guess it tickled him. Anyway, that boy sure has the fatest growing hair I have ever seen.

4. I decided  last night to take Zane in the shower with me since I was running late and I needed to clean him. He squealed with delight when the water went all over him. This is completely different from when I took Hayley as a baby in the shower. She screamed and still to this day does, whenever I even mention the shower.

3. Zane is now full on standing and starting to cruise holding on. A lot of times, he will take a few steps holding on to the furniture and fall down. Never once does he cry. The other day he fell hard on his bum (loud noise) and was laughing. But you know who was crying, Hayley- she got scared for her brother. Too cute!

2. Hayley’s new favorite show is Glee. She turned to me when Puck came on and says, “Mom, he is cute!” I think I am going to have my hands full.

1. My favorite of the week is when we were watching the Grammys. Adele, who I love, was on, and Zane was clapping nonstop. We watched her on repeat about 9 times. When the next song came on, he cried hysterical. So, I rewinded  the DVR back to Adele, and he started clapping all over again. The minute I switched away from Adele- he cried. We have a true Adele fan on our hands!

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  1. Jamie says

    LOL @ #1 and #4 !! Isn't it funny how different kids are?! I'm also amazed that kids so young can pick favorite songs – that's just incredible!

    Thanks for hosting; I'll be linking up as always!

    For Love of Cupcakes

  2. Heather from Our Girls Keep Us Moving says

    I love the first one! Zane has great taste :) We love Adele over here too! Zane seems to be developing quite the personality, I love the haircut thing, good job signing and the shower is so funny. Claire doesn't like showers either. Hayls is so so sweet, worrying about her brother, but watch out for her with cute boys – ha!!

  3. Adventures with Little man says

    Too cute! Add me to the really love Adele list! My favorite was number one. How cute!


    I think the last one is my favorite! And I don't even know who Adele is! Well..I bet i do, if I heard one of her songs, but I don't know the name, now I have to go check it out on youtube! lol.

  5. Lisa @ Two Bears Farm says

    His hair does grow fast! Seems like you just had it cut the other day! My twins have slow growing hair – I've cut it 3 times total now and they're 2 1/2.

  6. Candice Moretti says

    Adele is just pleasing for everyone! Another haircut! Oh my! H and Z are just too cute! Can't wait to see what H thinks when Z starts walking!

  7. MamaPhan says

    My kids both love Adele, too! Butter asks for "Rolling in the Beep!" all the time when we're in the car. Well, when he's not asking for Taylor Swift. LOL.

  8. Coupon Queen says

    I love the story about Zanes haircut! Most children cry, its great that he was thrilled with the tickle!!! I also love how protective Haley is of him, even to the point of crying for him when he dosen't, too cute. Hope you have a fantastic weekend!! :)

  9. Amber says

    Love the laughs. It's crazy how fast kids hair grows. It seems like you barely get the hair cut and WHAM they need another.

  10. Gumdrop Pass says

    Your kids are TOO cute :)

    And make sure to let Hayley know that I have a crush on Puck, too. ;)

    Have a good weekend <3

  11. Brandy Nelson says

    Too cute! We love Adele, too! Thanks so much for hosting. I have posted mine to the linky as well, but it's the "Video Edition"!

  12. Carissa says

    Great laughs! That girl has good taste, err, well maybe, Puck's the bad boy but I think he's cute too!!

  13. Jenn says

    Hi Melissa! Thanks for the nice comment on my blog! Of course I had to pop over and join your hop…any hop for funnies is a hop for me! Sometimes I think I should walk around with one of those sandwich-board things that says "Will Blog For Laughs!" LOL

    Anyway, thanks for sharing your funnies with all of us. That Adele story is adorable! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    Smiles, Jenn @Misadventures in Motherhood

  14. Anonymous says

    Adorable…really enjoyed! Usually Hayley is the one to make us laugh and now Zane is developing his own character too! He is growing up…almost 1 years old!:)

  15. OverMom says

    Hah, Hayley is so darn cute!

    Yay for cruising. Charlie does too but she only stands once in awhile. Why do they have to grow so quick?!

  16. Maria says

    i am cracking up at zane and his love for adele…how stinkin' cute!! awww…he knows talent when he sees it!
    and too sweet that hayley is watchful of her little brother! she's a great big sister!
    i love your saturday laughs <3

    thank you so much for all your support, melissa!
    so much love to you and your family! xoxox
    maria <3

  17. Kass says

    Seth took Rebecca in the shower when we were out in MI for Thanksgiving. She hated it!! We had to quickly wash her up so that I could take her from him. She is also a music maven. Loves to listen to music and will start bopping to it. She got a real kick out of John Mayer at IHOP the other day.

  18. shawna durk says

    seems to me that just yesterday my grandaughter was this little :0(.. she would cry but, the second you sang 'If Your Happy And You Know It..' she would stop..usually this was while driving so I could only imagine what people would think if they didnt see her car seat in the back seat and me singing clapping my hands (at red lights of course)..