Happy Toy Machine Review and GIVEAWAY!! Make your own personalized toy!

How cool would it be to create your own personalized toy for your kids from start to finish? The ingenious makers behind this idea are Happy Toy Machine. Happy Toy Machine lets you create your own cute, funny, and crazy custom plush toys. There are so many options to create your own basic toy and it can be personalized however you want. 

When you first go to make your own plush toy, you have the option of picking what kind of animal you want to make for your plush toy- you can pick a bear, puppy, cat, bunny, cow, alien and many more.

Once you have picked your choice of the body, it is really the time to start having fun! You are in control of what you would like in terms of eyes, nose, ears, body, design, and much more. You can pick a wide assortment of colors that you want your plush animal to be. You can use the same colors or make your toy multi-colored. Everything is in your hands! You can personalize your plush toy as well,  to be whatever you would want. 

The best part of the site is it is free and requires no sign ups to make your toy. You can play around as many times as you like, to create your perfect toy. Nothing is final until you decide to play your order. 

After testing out many of the options, we decided to go with a bunny and coincendatlly name her Hayley. We had a blast doing it together and trying out different options till we arrived at our final creation. Here is our finished plush toy:

Buy it: You can buy your own Happy Toy Machine Plush Toy for $29.99 for the 10-14 inch size and $49.99 for the 20-24 inch size toy. You can click here to purchase: Happy Toy Machine.

Win it: One lucky winner will get to make their own plush toy and have it delivered to their door. This giveaway is run via rafflecopter. Please click “read more” to see the actual giveaway. The mandatory entry is to visit Happy Toy Machine and let me know which plush toy you made. Once you fill out the mandatory, there are 4 other additional entries. While these are not mandatory, I highly suggest you filling it out to increase your chances of winning. Contest open to US. Good luck!!

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  1. Amy says

    I hit "surprise" I have no idea what animal youd call it… It looked like a person going "DOH" :D This is a fun site

  2. Ghada says

    I'd love a cat! Pretend it's the real thing…But my mind is a blank on what we'd name it :) This is so cool by the way!

  3. momto8 says

    my kids have always wanted something like this…I think my 12 yr old wrote a paper on him crreating this exact same thing!! I cant wait to tell him!!

  4. Still Blonde after all these YEARS says

    I made a bunny, I didn't name it but this could keep a kid busy for a long time!!

  5. Christine Gardner says

    I made a robot/reindeer type thing…it started out as a cow but changed from there! Fun! Named it Bobby.


    This is so much fun! I made a puppy because it's my daughter's favorite, I named it Jade…cause i"m not that creative with names. lol


    That is such a cute idea! I will have to try this with William! He would love this! Thanks for sharing!

  8. MJD's Mommy says

    This is precious. My daughter would have a blast and would most definitely make a puppy.

  9. 1froglegs says

    I made the dog, but I didn't name it. That is a really cool site. I can imagine a kid sitting there for hours to perfect it.