Wordless Wednesday: Mickey and Minnie Disney on Ice

We had the pleasure to see Mickey and Minnie’s Magical Journey: Disney on Ice produced by Feld Entertainment on New Years Day. While Hayley and I have been to quite a few Disney on Ice productions, this is the first time we brought Zane. It was magical watching my kids mesmerized by all their favorite characters. The look on Zane’s face was priceless- I am pretty sure he did not blink throughout the whole show. Hayley told me after that this was the best show and she wanted to go again tomorrow. Had it not been the last day of the show in Providence,  I would have brought her again without a question. It was truly fantastic! The journey starts with Mickey/Minnie and the whole Disney gang going on a magical ride that  includes  Ariel, Lilo and Stitch, Peter Pan,  and the Lion King. This show is a must see for those Disney fans in your life. To purchase tickets/see locations for Mickey and Minnie’s Magical Journey: Disney on Ice click here: Disney’s Magical Journey. I hope you enjoy some of my pictures.

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  1. Sarah [NurseLovesFarmer.com] says

    I can't wait until Braden (and subsequent children!) are old enough to go to these things. Braden probably wouldn't sit still right now! Looks like fun!

  2. Heather from Our Girls Keep Us Moving says

    How fun!! Glad to hear all enjoyed it! We also love Disney on Ice at our house!!

  3. Carrie with Children says

    Oh this looks like so much fun! I can't wait for my girls to be old enough to go to fun shows!

  4. Cari and Cortnee @ Two Sasters says

    I remember going to Disney on Ice as a kid! I cannot wait to go with my daughter…when she gets a little older;)

  5. Amanda @ 2LittleBugs says

    We seen this show a few months ago when it was in our town. Kaylee absolutely loved it. We've also taken her to see the Princess Wishes one too. Disney on Ice shows are just amazing, My husband and I loved them almost as much as Kaylee did. lol. I cant wait til Peyton is old enough and we can take both girls. We're definitely going to try to make it a yearly thing. So glad you guys had such a good time, and you got some great pictures too. :)

  6. Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell says

    My kids are grown, but I would still go see that! Disney ice shows are amazing!

  7. euregirlsandboys says

    Looks like fun! My girls loved going to Disney On Ice shows when they were little!

  8. Henrietta says

    Wonderful photos! We went once when my daughter was small and the kids loved it! So fun!

  9. Kass says

    Aiden loved the show even though we missed most of it. There is another show at the DCU center I think in April that we are going to take him to see.

  10. Candice says

    Really looking forward to making memories like these with G and her future siblings. Thanks so much for sharing. :)

  11. Searching For Simplicity says

    Oh how fun! I still remember going to see Disney on Ice when I was a little girl. Memories for a lifetime!!

  12. Jamie says

    I am so interested to hear that you brought Zane! Isn't he around Cupcakes' age? Cupcakes would not sit through that, although she was fascinated with Shrek when it came on TV (for about 5 minutes lol).

    For Love of Cupcakes

  13. Maria says

    what a wonderful day, melissa!! i looks like an awesome show!
    i love that zane couldn't keep his eyes off the stage. must have been so exciting for both of them!! it's so sweet how much hayley appreciates all the things you do together!!
    i love her red hat!!
    i wish you many more happy times like these in 2012 and always <3

  14. Samantha says

    OMGosh!! I love it! And I can't believe that Zane sat through the whole thing {that is what I nervous about with Gwen}. How old was Hayley when you first brought her.

    The pics are great and look like such a great show! I remember going to these when I was little, and I too was in total awe!

  15. Beth says

    We've taken our little ones to a couple of shows like that. They have no idea what's happening, but are awe-inspired nevertheless. What fun!