New Year, New Reads- Prize Pack #3: How Back-Back Got his Name, The Changing Colors of Amos

My last prize pack consists of How Back-Back Got his Name and The Changing Colors of Amos:

1.  How Back-Back Got his Name is one of many books from Lima Bear Press which provide children’s stories that are engaging/funny while carrying important messages such as tolerance, honesty, and courage.

Overview of How Back-Back Got his Name: Can you imagine what it would like to lose your back? Well that exactly what happens to Plumpton, the Opossum, Lima Bear, and his clever friends become detectives searching for his missing back. Follow them as they try new and different ways  of thinking to solve the mystery. See how they band  together to protect each other in times of danger! Will they ever find Plumptom’s back? (excerpt taken from the book)

Thoughts: How Back-Back Got his Name is a vibrant story that shows just how working together as a team can help solve an emergency. From beginning to the end of the book, Hayley was captivated. It truly captures children’s imaginations and is enjoyable for kids of all ages.  Each page has beautiful illustrations by Len DiSalvo and is written by Thomas Wreck and Peter Weck.  Hayley, even at 3, was completely enthralled with this book and has turned into her new favorite. It is truly adorable but also displays the important messages of loyalty, courage, teamwork, and friendship.

After reading this book, there is extended learning activities that you can do with your child. I love doing some of these suggestions nightly after reading this book. This book is recommended for children ages 4-8. If you are interested in buying, please check out Amazon.

2. The Changing Colors of Amos tells the story of a unique leprechaun, Amos, who changes color with every new new day of the week. His Sundays are a mystery. Sundays colors are always found first in his dream. In Amos’s world, dreams often do come true. In this book, you will follow Amos as he explores the colorful delights that each day brings  (taken from the book excerpt). 

This book is simply adorable and if your kids love seeing beautiful colors, look no further than The Changing Colors of Amos. Each day represents a new color and changes into a different color as evident on the next page. The colors are so beautiful and vibrant, that you will not want to put the book down.  Then on the last page, the rainbow shows up. This book can be used to teach about colors and days of the week. 

Written by John Kinyon and illustrated by Kay Selvig Flanders, this book will surely be a hit in your home. Your kids will not be able to put it down and you will enjoy reading it as much as they do.

If you are interested in purchasing The Changing Colors of Amos, click here: Changing Colors of Amos.

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  1. Maria says

    "the changing colors of amos" looks like such an awesome book!
    and i love your sparkly nail polish! yea, i'm totally a weirdo and notice those things!! :)
    <3 lots of love to you, melissa!!