New Year-New Reads- My Huge Children’s Book Giveway! Prize pack #1

I am so glad to be participating in this huge book giveaway going live tomorrow morning. I am very excited to be bringing you 3 children’s book packages which means there are going to be 3 winners. I will be writing  posts describing the big cumulative giveaway that I will be doing. Be sure to check back on January 9th, for the actual giveaway for all these wonderful books.

Prize pack #1:

Super blake and the Cavity Monster and Blooming Buddies in the Garden:

1.  Super Blake and the Cavity Monster tells the adorable of an adorable boy, Blake who turns into Super Blake. His mission was to help fight away all of the dental problems that can arise in little kids such as dental decay and gingivitis. He goes around trying to fight the bad bugs that live in ones mouth and tells how to avoid getting the cavities in the first place by sticking to the basic regime of brushing and flossing.

As a dentist, I truly thought this book was phenomenal. It really helps with those that have trouble getting their little ones to brush/floss. Once they see Super Blake in action, they will want to step up and be just like him. I read this book every night with Hayley because even though I am on her about her brushing, I still have problems some nights getting her to brush. After reading Super Blake and the Cavity Monster, she is more apt to brush/floss.

This would be the perfect book for those trying to get your kids to adhere to better oral hygiene. It is a fun and easy read to your kids and they will be thrilled seeing a Superhero telling the story. For more information, please be sure to check out

2. Blooming Buddies In The Garden won the 2011 National Parenting Center Seal of Approval as well as the 2011 Parent Tested Approved Seal.  This incredible, beautiful picture book leads readers through a garden filled with vibrant flower friends. In this gorgeous new picture book, vibrant watercolors are paired with charming soft verses that teach young children the values of kindness and respect.

Each page, the Blooming Buddies (the fanciful flowers) lead you through gardens filled with excitement. Each page tells an important lesson of showing empathy, respect, and love. By reading this book, it triggers talks of important conversations that include  love and respect.  

One of the pages reads, “Now that we are friends…I’m happy as can be…Even though I’m different..You saw the good in me” (taken from the book). Every verse on each page bring up a warm and fuzzy feeling for me. I greatly enjoy reading this book to Hayley every night and her being in awe of all the descriptions/words on the pages. It is truly a marvelous book in that it is fun and teaches kids about lessons/morales.

For more information to purchase this book please check out: Blooming Buddies.

*For prize pack #1, you will receive both of these books. Please check back on January 9 to see the actual giveaway

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  1. Alicia says

    Never seen the super Blake books, but that is my sons name, so we will be checking those out!

  2. desitheblonde says


  3. Maria says

    do you know how happy i am to be finally catching up on my blogs!??! :)
    you always find the neatest and prettiest books. i love the blooming buddies book. it looks like the illustrations are beautiful.
    i've missed reading your posts and am so glad to be back!!
    i hope that you had a wonderful weekend <3
    thinking of you!!!

  4. Carmen Van Deursen says

    My son would benefit from super Blake since he needs to brush his teeth regularly.