Listerine Oral Care Challenge- Part 2: The Results

I previously discussed how we were going to take part in Listerine Oral Care Challenge.  We participated in this challenge for three weeks as a family. We vowed to make our dental care routine more stringent.  Since, I am a dentist, I thought I would be a great role model to the dental community as a whole, as well as my family  to be involved in improving dental hygiene.

My husband and I vowed to continue with our usually oral health care routine of brushing twice a day, flossing, and using listerine twice a day. We did this before we started this challenge (he is a dentist as well) but getting our daughter to follow through with the routine was somewhat tricky. Since she was young, we always told her how important it is to brush her teeth. When her space between her molars closed, we began the flossing process. She is too young to use Listerine but we explain why we use it  to her, so when she gets older, she will be excited to do this.

As usual though, getting a three year old to listen to you is hard. So we decided to make the challenge of brushing twice a day and flossing fun. She is too young to brush herself, so we made sure that we had all the necessities ready to go. We allowed her to pick her favorite toothbrush and pick a different one once a week. We then set up a timer for two minutes. We had her watch us in the mirror as we brushed her teeth. This helps with getting kids to brush because they like to see what you are doing.  We set up a sticker chart so when she followed through with brushing/flossing, she got to pick a sticker on her sticker chart. The key is find a motivation for your kids. We set up a sticker chart so when she did good with brushing/flossing without arguments, she got to pick a sticker on her sticker chart. She got really excited to do this. At the end of the week, she received a very small prize for her accomplishments.

After three weeks of doing this challenge, she is no longer giving us any problems with brushing and flossing. She is willing to let us brush/floss her teeth and we don’t even have to use the sticker chart anymore.

Dental care is so important and it really starts early! Parents need to take an active role in their kids health care. You are the role models for them, so make sure you have a good dental care routine. If you lack in that department, they will begin to mimic you.

 Listerine has some great tips for getting all your oral hygiene tips fulfilled. I happen to love Listerine both as a parent and as a dental provider.  Make sure you are implementing  your brushing/flossing cycle everyday by using Listerine. Come make a 2012 resolution to start to make your teeth a #1 priority!

* I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting    on behalf of Listerine and received a sample to facilitate my review and promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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  1. Tethered Mommy says

    I imagine that you have a very high standard to meet being dentists! LOL But who better to show us how important oral care really is? I hate brushing my kids' teeth but it must be done – thanks for the tips on making flossing bearable!

  2. Michelle says

    we have two girls ages 2 and 4 and they love going to the dentist and brushing their teeth!

    Its weird how something so small can make them so happy but I'm glad they enjoy it because I want them to have as little health problems as possible when it comes to their mouth and teeth

  3. Shawna says

    I'll for sure be teaching my daughter to brush at least 2 times a day! Getting Dentures at 21 sure sucked for me! Still does at 32! It wasn't me not brushing or taking care of my teeth though, I NEVER had a cavity til 17 years old and then only had 1. I think I had a Gum problem I didn't know about because in a years time all my front teeth started falling out with very bad cavities! Okay! YUCK!! Great post!

  4. junebug says

    Great idea for the sticker chart! Now if I could get my husband to do the chart with my daughter when she is old enough, I would be a very happy woman. He is not a very good brusher.

  5. Tiffany C. says

    I just need to get my 4 year old to start flossing and we will have a fabulous routine down pact. Great post, your daughter looks like she is so proud of her oral care!

  6. Janet K says

    I didn't realize that I could floss my 3 year old's teeth so I definitely need to start this. My son is really not good about his teeth (our fault, I know) but we are making progress!!

  7. Felissa Hadas says

    I guess I better start brushing more. There is no way I brush for 2 minutes each time.
    And I really need to get better about my dogs oral care as well.


  8. Ashley S says

    Awww she looks so proud! That's great that you have her excited about oral hygiene at a young age :)

  9. Brooke Uhm says

    These are great tips for those of us with little ones that struggle with brushing their teeth.

  10. Melanie says

    We have those disposable floss….oh what are they called??? I floss my two year with that. She loves to help and do some of it herself too. She thinks flossing is better than playing with her toys.

  11. royalegacy says

    What beautiful white teeth. I was going to be buying the same brand that I have been using, but will instead buy the Listerine this month. Thanks for posting this!

  12. Maria says

    congratulations to you and hayley on the challenge!! she looks so proud and should be :) i love the pic of her adding the sticker to her chart!
    thank you for all the happy new year wishes! hope you had a blast last night <3
    thinking of you!!

  13. Diva Locks says

    Great post, I love the chart, it is a chore for me to get my kids to remember to floss :(

  14. Sheri Carpenter says

    Thanks for the great tips. I have such trouble getting my kids to brush their teeth – hoping these help!

  15. Maegan says

    Excellent tips! I love brushing and flossing my teeth, always have, and the hubs does too. Now my 2 year old, that's a battle of wills already. Sheesh! :/

  16. Stefani @ says

    I just recently got the kids some toothbrush with timers on them to help them know when its time to rinse!

  17. Jenn/Organic Mama says

    Making teeth a priority in 2012 is a great idea – thanks for the kick start! :)

  18. MommaM says

    Oh wow, we really need to do this challenge. I'm so bad at flossing! lol That's wonderful that your daughter participated! She looks so excited in the pictures! :)

  19. Alyssa says

    I don't know if I could floss my 3 yr old's teeth. I've been bitten before lol. But he does like to brush. We try to keep up on his dental care since he has 'under-formed enamel' and has already had to have caps put on. It'll be nice when he's old enough to use mouth wash.

  20. Mom of 12 says

    I'm not very good at making sure my kids brush their teeth…shoot, half the time I don't even remember to brush mine. I probably shouldn't tell you that since you are a dentist.

  21. Jen - Life With Levi says

    The chart is awesome, and I think it's great that you're explaining why mommy and daddy use Listerine so she understands and will want to use it when she gets older.

  22. Beeb says

    I come from a family of dentists too so there was definitely no skimping on the dental care when I was a child, LOL!

  23. Beth M says

    Love the chart on the wall. We need to do the flossing routine with the kids for sure. It is hard when they won't sit still!

  24. Jennifer | mini implants says

    Same here. My aunt is a dentist too and I always visit her clinic to have my teeth checked. The chart will surely make your child a responsible individual when she gets older. It's good to introduce proper oral hygiene in an early age to ensure good oral system in the future.

  25. dentist says

    Starting them at a young age is very important even if it's just baby teeth. Thank you very much.

  26. Emily | dentist kansas city says

    I agree with the previous comments. Making Dental charts to monitor and implement proper oral hygiene is a good idea. This will make your child s responsible citizen in the future. She will also be responsible in taking care of her overall dental system.

  27. cosmetic dentist sydney says

    My aunt is a dentist as well and there's no reason for me not to visit her clinic since it's only beside my house. Whenever I feel something odd in my teeth, like tooth ache, I never hesitate to contact her and set an appointment. This prevents me from developing further dental caries. By the way, teaching your child the responsibility to clean her teeth everyday will teach her to practice good dental care.

  28. John Abrena says

    I’m also feeling my front teeth tingle a little bit with pain. I’m planning to go to a dentist this weekend. Whenever I eat or drink something sweet and cold, the twinges just throb and it’s like an itch I can’t scratch.

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