Avon Tiny Tillia Product Review for kids!

Tiny Tillia Baby products is one company I have not heard about before, so I was beyond excited when they contacted me about their products. Normally, there are a lot of baby companies on the market, but few have the range of products seen at Tiny Tillia.

Tiny Tillia is a new baby line that comes from the makers of Avon products. When you first go to their site,  you will see it is divided into products for baby and mom. They are have a subset category for top picks, baby registry products, and special offers.  If you are looking for a special gift for a new mom or a cute baby shower gift, look no further than Tiny Tillia. Aside from their baby products, they have some wonderful vibrant and playful toys as well.

Their line contains bedding, diaper bags, bath time products, accessories, nursery decor, blankets, skin care, and much more. We received the Tiny Tillia signature gift set, the Dilly Pig Bath Mit, the Tiny Tilly Green Tote, and the Tiny Tillia Plush Bowling Set.

The Tiny Tillia Signature Gift Set contains citrus sorbet shampoo, body wash, and calming moisturizing lotion. Also included in the package was diaper rash cream with zinc oxide. I was extremely happy with the set. The shampoo  and body wash smells so good, that you will want to use it for every bath. I also used the lotion after both kids bath and it felt so smooth after I put it on. This complete set is hypoallergenic and suitable for all skin types. This set is great for anyone with a new baby as you have everything in this package that you would need. Even for the older ones, it is great as it contains all the essentials for bathing.

The Dilly Pig Bath Mit is an adorable addition to any little ones bath. It is so fun to wash both Hayley and Zane with this pig. We can entertain ourselves in the bath by making noises with the pig. Both kids always want me to use Dilly when I bathe them.

The Tiny TIllia Bowling Set is so cute for the little ones in your life. These plush bowling pins are in the shape of all the Tillia characters and some of them have a rattle inside. Each plush pin is labeled with a number and includes a small, soft bowling ball. While Zane is slightly young to bowl, he enjoys picking up the pins and shaking them. Big sister, Hayley, loves to bowl for him. Both kids have a blast! At the end of the day, we can put all our Tillia Products in our Tillia tote bag. This bag can be used for anything from storing toys to being used as a beach bag.

All of these products can be found at: Avon TIny Tillia baby site. One lucky reader will win every product that I described (ARV: $65)  for Zane’s big first birthday bash which will go from 2-22 through  4-2.  Stay tuned for this amazing giveaway!

*I received these products for reviewing purposes. All my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.

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  1. Stacey says

    I haven't heard about Avon having products for babies! I do have a friend though that is due in a couple of weeks, so I will definitely check them out for a baby gift :)

  2. Tamara Wilson says

    I am so glad to hear this about the products, I have heard of them but with no babies here I havent tried them. Thank you for sharing this review with us.

  3. Mama B says

    They have super cute stuff!! We have an Avon store nearby, I wonder if they carry this line. Looks like great baby shower gifts!

  4. Isra says

    I love that bowling pin set..perfect for a city apartment! I love Avon products, so cool they have a baby line, will keep it in mind, and cant wait for the giveaway!

  5. Our Little Fam says

    I have not heard of that before either, tiny tilla. Thanks for sharing.. happy friday!

  6. Mama Luvs Books says

    Very cute!! Never heard about these!! They always try new things though. My mom was an Avon rep for YEARS growing up so I am very familiar with the quality of their products.

  7. artsavesyou says

    I JUST started hearing about this but never saw any products. They look pretty interesting I want to try a few out.

  8. Admin says

    I am referring a friend to read this- these look cute for her little ones. BTW- we have the same paint color on our walls :)

  9. Maria says

    how fun!! and those piggy bowling pins are adorable!
    hayley and zane are all smiles! (love zane's plaid shirt)
    he is just SO happy!!
    the bath mits bring me back. we had similar ones growing up! ahhh, i love bath time! lol
    i hope your week was a good one, melissa!! and i hope your weekend is even better <3

  10. Michelle says

    Very cool, I myself order Avon products but didn't know they had this new stuff for babies, it looks awesome. I've bought stuff for my daughter who is 10 as they have some cute girls stuff and some great bath stuff for her. Thanks for sharing I'll mention it to my friends with toddlers etc.. :)

  11. Danielle says

    Love this set! Those are just adorable. I'm sure my nieces would love it if I gifted a set to them.

  12. Samantha says

    How adorable! Gwen's cousin did a photo shoot for some of these products over the summer, and she told me there was some seriously cute stuff!! I think I need to get the bowling set!