Saturday’s Top Five Laughs-Come join the Blog Hop!

The last top 5 laughs for the New Year! In a few more hours, we will be welcoming in 2012. I wish for you all to have a blessed, happy, and healthy 2012. I am so grateful to have “met” some awesome bloggers and I wish for our friendships to continue in the New Year.


As usual, this is the Saturday Top Five Laugh Blog Hop. You can link up a top five laugh post or any funny post. Please do not link up if you don’t have one of these posts. I really enjoy reading your laughs and I hope you enjoy mine this week.

5. I asked Hayley what state she lives in and she tells me, Rhode Island. I then ask her where her Mimi (grandmother) lives and she says New Jersey. She then proceeds to tell me, “Isn’t it funny that me and Mimi both live in states?” Pretty sure she doesn’t get the concept of geography yet. 

4. Hayley’s mimi was visiting this week and Hayley asked her, “Mimi, Are you going to come with us to Hawaii?” She tells Hayley she doesn’t have a ticket to come to Hawaii. Hayley tells Mimi, “Don’t worry, we can share a ticket.” I only wish Hayley… I only wish! It would make it so much easier bringing Mimi with us.

3. Zane is obsessed with baths. Seriously obsessed. He will sit forever in his tub and splash. He splashes so hard that I get soaking wet every time I bathe him. Then when I take him out, he starts pouting which inevitably ends with hysterics. I am glad he loves water so much- we had so much trouble with Hayley and baths.

2. We are taking Hayley to see Mickey and Minnie on Ice this Sunday. She is so excited. She turns to me and says, ” I can’t wait to Sunday to see it. We go tonight.” I tell her our tickets are for Sunday and she tells me, ” Don’t worry Mommy- we can go both times.  I will buy the tickets”. Thanks Hayley- can you also buy me tickets for all the shows I want to see, lol.

1.Yesterday Hayley was in a foul mood and she told me she didn’t like me. Today, I told her I bought her a small gift after work today. I told her that she can have it but she doesn’t like me. She tells me, “Mommy, I didn’t like you yesterday, but today, I like you.” You think someone wanted the gift!

An extra funny: We went to the movies today to see The Chipmunks. Hayley again yells in the middle of the theatre, “Mommy, this is the best movie!” Everything is dead quiet and then Hayley jumps in saying this. The girl makes me laugh!!


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  1. OverMom says

    Ha, great laughs. Hayls is too funny!

    Can she share a ticket to Hawaii with me too?!

    I did an extra laugh too, how funny! Great minds think alike.

    I am glad that Z likes baths. My kids get me soaked too. Crazy kidlets

  2. Heather from Our Girls Keep Us Moving says

    What a wonderful bunch of laughs to round out the new year! I am so glad to have met you too!! I love all of them! H is a smart girl to know what states everyone lives in. If H is sharing tickets to Hawaii, count me in! Natalie also loves bath time, we often use it to get her out of her crabby teething funks. I don't like you – I do not like those words. I would love to go to a movie with you girls, then my kid wouldn't be the only one with the outburst – HA!

  3. Our Little Fam says

    haha, she is just too cute! too bad things are not as easy as kids make them sound ha :) thanks for making me smile!

  4. Carissa says

    I love reading your laughs! Hayley is so cute, I love how she thinks! I got wet all the time during baths too, so we moved Wyatt to the big tub! I bet Zane has so much fun splashing, it is too bad bath time has to end! Happy New Year and thanks for doing these, I love linking up!!

  5. Ginger says

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! Have a wonderful new years. :)

    Ginger @

  6. Maria says

    she is too funny!! i love how kids say whatever they are feeling! :)
    awwww, i'm with zane on being obsessed with baths. i just took one and it is just too relaxing. maybe i should try splish splashin' sometime!!
    have a wonderful time on sunday!!
    and of course, HAVE A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!
    so happy we "met" this year!! it has been awesome getting to know you!!
    lots and lots of love for a wonderful end of 2011 and beautiful 2012, melissa!! <3

  7. Annie@Letters to Mo says

    Thanks for linking up with the New Years hop! I love that she yelled out in the Chipmunks movie! That's whats so awesome about kids- the sheer joy they experience!

  8. MamaPhan says

    Hayley is absolutely hilarious!

    Thank you for introducing me to the blog hop this year. Can't wait to join you all in 2012!!

  9. Rachel says

    I used to wear a bathing suit when I bathed my son. I got tired of having to change out of wet clothes lol

  10. tmp says

    Love the laughs today.. I can't wait to see those kids again really soon. They are very special and I love them so much. Have a great new year eve… See you in 2012..

  11. tmp says

    Love the laughs today.. I can't wait to see those kids again really soon. They are very special and I love them so much. Have a great new year eve… See you in 2012..

  12. Coupon Queen says

    Hi Melissa, I got my Silly Saturday up, I am still running behind from vacation, but it was soooo worth it! :) Happy New year to everyone.

  13. AMBER EDWARDS says

    I am so glad you posted this in FB group! I never would have found this other wise! I had no idea you were doing this! I've been doing silly saturday on my blog for a few weeks now. it's so much fun!

    Do you have email subscriptions to your blog? I find that helps me keep track of the ones i REALLY want to keep tabs on a little easier; cause I get daily email reminders; but I haven't found any email sign up.

    JadeLouise Designs

  14. LOVE MELISSA:) says

    Thank you very much for making me laugh with your posts and also thank you for all the sweet comments! I appreciate it! Happy New Year!

  15. Mama Luvs Books says

    Hayley is so funny!!! Wait until I tell you what Kendal did this week!!! Remind me!

  16. Amy says

    Hailey is so sweet, if only we could share plane tickets with grandparents, I think I would travel the world!!! V also loves her bath and screams everytime we take her out too. Have fun at Disney on Ice, sounds like a blast!

  17. Pam2424 says

    I can relate to 1. My five-year-old nephew tells me he doesn't like me anymore all the time, but it never lasts long.