Saturday’s Top Five Laughs-Come join the Blog Hop!

Is tomorrow really Christmas Eve? I can’t believe it. My house is starting to look like Toys’ R Us with all the Hanukkah presents the kids have opened. Couple that with Christmas gifts and we have a  giant toy factory. The kids are having so much fun with Hanukkah and tonight we celebrating  night #4. 


I will not be writing a post till Monday (taking tomorrow and Sunday off) to spend with family but I wanted to wish each of you a VERY HAPPY HOLIDAY! I will be checking back to read your laughs though and to check comments!  These are always my favorite posts to read all week so I make it a point to check out everyone that has linked up, even if it is the holidays tomorrow. I hope you all support each other as well and read each other laughs! If you know someone who would enjoy linking up, tell them about my blog and our Saturday laughs!  Laughing is fun so spread the word!! *Please only link up a funny/cute post or a top 5 laugh post*

As usual my giveaways are posted on my right side of my blog page. I had 2 winners this week for the Stampin’ Up giveaway and SodaStream giveaway. Both have been emailed and confirmed. If you didn’t win, no worries- check the right side of the page for more giveaways and enter.  MANY more giveaways coming in 2012!

So here are my top 5 laughs:

5. Hayley gets a little confused that we celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas. I think this is the first year she really understands that she is going to be getting gifts. On the first night of Hanukkah, I asked her  to pick out one present from the dining room table (where we keep all our gifts.) She picks out one and says to me, ” Did Hanukkah Santa bring this?”  

4. I really didn’t buy many presents for Zane. He is only 8.5 months and too young to really appreciate presents yet.  I did buy him 2 but he will open those on Christmas. One of the other reasons I didn’t buy him too many is his favorites “presents” are boxes and paper. When Hayley opens up her gift, Zane laughs hysterically playing with the wrapping paper. This is can go on for about a half hour- not really sure what is funny about wrapping paper but he sure does! We leave it till his “dog-like” mode kicks in and he starts chewing on the paper.

3. On the second day of Hanukkah, I told Hayley we were going to light the menorah. She told me she didn’t want any more Hanukkah presents, only Christmas presents. I was very confused and ask her, “Why not?” She tells me that she is afraid to light the menorah candles- she is super afraid of fire.  She looks at me and says, “We can skip Hanukkah and go to Christmas- there is no candles in Christmas.”  I really want  her to enjoy Hanukah so instead we now do the lightening of the menorah with  fake candles. We do “pretend” lightening of the menorah. Now, she is back to being excited for Hanukkah.

2. We recently booked our trip to Hawaii- we are going on a cruise in May and staying at the new Disney resort, Aulani. When we told Hayley that we are going to meet Mickey, she got all sad. I asked her what was wrong and she said, “We can’t meet Mickey without Minnie. They are a team”. I almost peed my pants. That girl cracks me up!

1. My funniest one this week is Hayley had a playdate with her friend this week. Both of them were in rare form and started crying over just about anything. I kept asking Hayley what is wrong and she says, “I don’t want to watch Beauty and the Beast-  I want Aladdin.” The next reason was, “I don’t like the underwear I am wearing.” It was one thing after the other. This kept going on with different reasons why she was crying. The last time she cried I asked her what is wrong and she responds hysterically, “I don’t know why I am crying-why am I crying?” Good question!

And on that note, have fun linking up and HAVE A GREAT HOLIDAY for whatever holiday you celebrate! Enjoy!

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  1. OverMom says

    Hayls is so funny! She doesnt like her undies, too cute!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family. Have a great time celebrating :)

  2. Candice says

    Hanukkah Santa…too funny! And J tells me all the time "Momma,I'm crying!" and when I ask I'm why he tells me he doesn't know lol. toddlers! :). I hope you have a wonderful holiday break.

  3. Lisa @ Two Bears Farm says

    We never bought that many gifts when the kids were babies either. Not much point!

    I dig Hanukkah Santa :-)

  4. Jamie says

    Hahahaha @ "Why am I crying?"
    Cupcakes loves the boxes and paper too! She had so much fun opening her birthday presents! I'm super excited for Christmas — can't believe its tomorrow already!!

    Good call with the pretend menorah candles!! Poor H!

    For Love of Cupcakes

  5. Candice says

    Haley cracks me up! I really look forward to when G can talk to me just for moments like these! Have a wonderful weekend! :)

  6. Amy says

    Happy Holidays to you and your Family.. I love it that you share both holidays with your children.. I love how children think..

  7. Amber says

    Well what was wrong with the underwear she was wearing? lol I love the problems that kids seem to think they have. Merry Christmas.

  8. {K} says

    Your little girl is so funny!! It's great that you're remembering all the funny stuff she says and writing it down.

  9. Rachel says

    Lol, sounds like your girl is a little overcome with the holiday spirit. Sometimes I cry when I don't like my underwear. Hahaha!

  10. Naked Mommy says

    Happy Hannukah AND Merry Christmas! I love that you celebrate both. : ) Your kids sound like a riot… similar ages to mine. My 2.5 year old cries about crazy stuff too and my 10 month old loves wrapping paper too. She laughed like crazy ripping tissue paper into little shreds. Soo funny until she tried eating… and then we had to clean up. Oh well! Made for some funny photos. Biggest smiles ever. Enjoy the holidays!!!

  11. Kelly @ Stay at Home Trader says

    Hi Melissa! Following you back from the Blog Hop today. I'm gonna have to think about my top 5 funnies this week. I love your top 5. And I 100% get why you only bought your 8 1/2 yr old two gifts. Paper and boxes seemed to amuse my daughter the most this year too. And she's almost 1 1/2! :)

    MERRY CHRIS-MA-KAH to you!


    ~ Kelly

  12. Sara says

    To my friend Melissa!
    I hope you had a wonderful holiday with your family! Thanks for always being there :)

  13. kewkew says

    These were great. So glad you stopped by at Tots and Me and linked up to Lovin' the Weekend blog hops. I am now following you.

  14. Camilleta says

    Hahahah, Hayley is cracking me up!!

    Happy Holidays! We celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas, too. =)

  15. Maria says

    hi melissa!!! i hope you all had a happy and merry holiday!! this post made me laugh and smile!! too cute – hayley crying bc she didn't like the underwear she was wearing. and crying bc she didn't know why she was crying. boy, can i relate to those kind of tears!! :)
    so sweet of you to switch to fake candles so she can enjoy hannukah again!!
    your cruise sounds like it is going to be amazing!! i'm sure you're all counting down the days!! mickey and minnie are a team – adorable!!
    i bet zane is so so cute with the wrapping paper and boxes! isn't it so sweet what amazes them?!

    i've already had a few people ask who those "adorable kids" are on my fridge!! :)
    seriously, they are precious!

    wishing you a wonderful, hopefully easy going week!!
    lots of LOVE!!!
    maria <3