Saturday’s Top Five Laughs- Come join our blog hop

Hi everyone! Another weekend is here and only 3 more weekends to Christmas. Have you finished your shopping? I have not but I tend to be a last minute shopper. 


I am really excited about all the response from this blog hop. I originally created the idea because I think it is a great way to document things about my kids in the future. On the weekends, I also love to laugh! So, I figured why not combine the idea. I ABSOLUTELY love reading all your laughs.  Thank you for linking up.

Please remember this link up is ONLY for a funny post. You don’t need to necessarily write a Saturday top five laugh post (although I love reading these), it really just have to be cute/funny. Please do not link up if you don’t have a laugh post. I would appreciate that! Simply link up after my top 5 laughs! I hope you enjoy mine. Have a great weekend.

5. Zane is starting to get really fast with his crawling. Yesterday, I left him for a minute to go to the bathroom and he managed to get to the complete other side of the room and proceed to chew all of Hayley’s books. Hayley was not happy to say the least, when her books ripped. Now, we have all her books on a high shelf.

4. Hayley is obsessed with opening the door when the doorbell rings. If the doorbell rings and she doesn’t answer it. she will throw a bloody temper tantrum till we let her do it.  This morning the sitter came at her regular time of 8 AM. Hayley is a late sleeper ( see #3) so being up at 8 AM, voluntarily never happens. This morning she rises from a sound sleep and starts crying hysterically. I asked her what happened and she tells me, that she wanted to open the door. So, I had to take her out of her crib and let her re-open the door. Then I put her right back in her crib, and she fell instantly back to sleep.

3. I think nap time is going to need to end soon. Hayley is in a cycle where she sleeps 3 hours during the day but then when we put her in at 9 PM, she will stay awake till midnight. Last night, I was watching TV and then went to bed late-around 12:30 AM. I hear her call to me from her crib, “Mommy, you want to play”. Girlfriend, it is 12:30 at night- as Samuel L. Jackson says, “Go the F to Sleep”.

2. I took Hayley to go to see the Muppets last weekend. It was truly fantastic. As she does in most movies we go to, she yelled during the movie, “This movie is so fun. Mommy, do you love it”? People around us were hysterical that she was enjoying herself so much. She must get the love of movies from her mom.

1. I had a somewhat stressful week of work and I asked my husband to help me out by bringing some of Zane’s toys upstairs. I asked my husband twice and then Hayley blurts out, “Mommy, please be patient and stop asking Daddy”. I was hysterical!

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  1. Nykki says

    Hayley cracks me up! :) Be patient, Mommy! haha. I know Olivia will be saying that a lot to me in a few years!

  2. mestills says

    I finished Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving, I was totally on top of it this year!
    I am so not prepared for my kid to crawl, thankfully he is taking his time.

  3. Sarah @ It's a Vol says

    I am totally a last minute shopper too! I have barely started!

    I love how much that Hayley talks in movies! I am the same way!

  4. Lisa @ Two Bears Farm says

    I haven't been brave enough to take mine to the movies. The Muppets sounds fun though!

  5. Samantha says

    Hayley has SO much personality! I love these… they had me laughing so hard! I can't wait until Gwen is old enough to go to the movies, there are so many that I want to see too :)

  6. Janet K says

    Love it!! I can just hear my son saying "Mommy, you want to play"…haha!! Right now he's on a kick of "Mommy, you play puter and I play my trains" (must be blogging too much :( )

  7. Coupon Queen says

    I am new to your hop, I have been doing a Silly Saturday for quite a while so I was thrilled to find your hop!! :) Hope you are having a great weekend!

  8. Bernie says

    I have not started Christmas shopping other than in my head so far. I like to panic and wait until the last minute. Makes for a stressful holiday. Yea! *lol*
    My friend, the Coupon Queen, told me about your hop. Its nice to find a funny blog hop!

  9. Naked Mommy says

    Your Hayley and my M sound sooo similar! No volume control, need to get their way, bossy, but oh so cute! M is doing the same thing with naps – staying up way too late when she gets them – help me. Hope we can get them to go to bed early if they skip naps altogether. I can't believe she told you to be patient! But then again, mine told me to "Be a nice Mommy, I don't want a time out". Totally forgot to put that in my top 5 laughs. Wish we lived closer to each other so we could have a playdate. Getting all our crazy kids in one room would be hilarious! And I think you are too!! : )

  10. Jamie says

    Oh good to know the Muppets was so great; I kind of want to see it! Number 1 is hilarious!! :o) And way to go Zane – Cupcakes is crawling pretty fast too. She takes some steps here and there but we're not quite walking yet.

    For Love of Cupcakes

  11. Maria says

    Hahahaha "Mommy, please be patient!" That's great! I bet your husband loved that one! So funny!
    I love that you let her re-open the door. And it was all she needed to be content! So cute!!
    I hope you're all enjoying the weekend and I hope that next week is much less stressful for you @ work!!
    Lots of love!!

  12. Melissa @ knit purl baby says

    oh i can't wait until my little guy is old enough to sit through a movie at the theater. he gets really into movies we watch at home, dancing and clapping. but of course, he's only into it for five minute increments and then moves on to something else.

  13. Heather from Our Girls Keep Us Moving says

    Great laughs!! We live in the same world!! Please be patient – I had that same thing just a few weeks ago!! I love the doorbell thing, so funny when she tantrums in her sleep. Those crawling babies give us a run for our money, I am not a fan of crawling – give me walking any day! My favorite is the movie – true joy in the simplest things. We have lots to learn from them!

  14. LOVE MELISSA:) says

    Thanks everyone! I really appreciate all the comments on my Saturday funnys. I love writing and reading these posts!! I already have 5 for next week-LOL. Yesterday was a funny day in our household.

  15. Jessica @ TheCrazyChaoticHouse says

    I have been MIA for a couple of weeks and just now trying to catch up on my favorite blogs. I just love your blog! Always makes me laugh and smile, probably because I can relate to you;) my boys are in the cycle of waking of super early not napping and going to bed early. But if they happen to nap they will want to stay awake all night. So we do like the no nap thing cause they are in bed at 7 but the 445 am wake up is a bit early. Funny how their sleep patterns change.