Exederm- The Wonderful Answer for Adult/Kids Dermatitis and Eczema!

I have talked in the past how my son, Zane, suffers from eczema. His eczema started when he was a few days old. We tried every product under the sun and have really found that the kids exerderm line is truly fantastic. Since using these products, we have noticed almost a 90 percent reduction in his flare ups. This is remarkable!

We got the chance to sample 5 different products from the exederm line. All of the products encompassed being extremely gentle, non irritating, and ultra hypoallergenic.   The first product we sampled was the Hydrating Baby lotion from Exederm.  This lotion is designed to rapidly and deeply moisturize your child’s dry and highly sensitive skin. This is one of my most favorite lotions I have used on Zane. It goes on so easily and allows me to spread it evenly without any effort all over his body. It is also very lightweight and non greasy which is an added bonus. I have to say I also use it on myself because I love the constistency of the lotion. I tend to get very dry skin in the winter and this really helps to alleviate the dry cracks that form on my skin.

The second product we tried was the Exederm Ultra Sensitive Skincare baby moisturizer. This product really helps Zane’s skin from the irritations that are caused from his eczema. We put a small amount on of this moisturizer after he takes a bath. Within a few hours, we see much less scratching and significant improvement in his rash.

We recently began to use Baby Eczema non irritation baby shampoo. I really wish we knew about these products when he was an infant. He had such bad cradle cap and I am sure that this shampoo would have done the trick. This shampoo is specifically designed to gently clean kids hair and scalp. We use this shampoo all the time when we bathe him. I love the fact that I only need to use a small amount and his hair never looks greasy after we use it. This is a definite plus as he has very dark hair and other shampoos tend to make his hair look as it was not washed. I have noticed much less scratching of his hair since we started using this product.

While bathing him, we use the  Exederm Cleansing Baby Bath.  We use a small amount on a washcloth and he is thoroughly cleaned. This baby wash is perfect for his skin. It is a really great baby bath wash to use on his skin as it has all the ingredients necessary to deal with his skin problems.

The Exederm flare control cream is an essential to use when one has eczema or dermatitis flare-ups.  It provides instant soothing relief from itching, inflammation, redness, and rash. I recently started using it because of my dry skin irritations and cracked skin. When I put this on, I instantly feel relief. It is America’s only paraben-free hydrocortisone cream.  It provides maximum strength results without a prescription.

For anyone with Dermatitis or Eczema (especially children), I would HIGHLY recommend the Exederm line. All of their products are formulated without any common chemical irritants often found in ordinary baby care products. These products all contain no fragrance dye, parabens, lanolin,  and no formaldehyde.
The line is also extremely affordable with most of the products being around $12.99-$14.99.  You can purchase these products at Exederm product line page or at your local Target, Amazon, Buy-Buy Baby, and other fine retailers.

*I received products to facilitate my review. All my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.

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  1. DeDa Studios says

    I have had Ecezem all of my life….. with winter here it is terrible! I am going to give these items a try! Thanks for the review!

  2. rachel @ small steps says

    my little girl has eczema and sometimes it's downright horrible – that cream sounds great as it's paraben free. We always are looking for natural options!

  3. Mama to 4 says

    Thank you for sharing this product, my 2 year old gets eczema in the cooler months – I like that this product is paraben free!

  4. Samantha says

    OMG I neeeed this!! Every winter I get a few patches of eczema and it drives.me.crazy. Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to try it!

  5. Jenn/Organic Mama says

    Oh wow! My niece has terrible eczema, I'll have to let her mom know about the kids exerderm line!

  6. Celebrate Woman says

    Where was exerderm when I needed it? So nice to learn about your positive experience with products like exerderm. I will for sure recommend it to my friends!
    Excellent scouting!

  7. Diva Locks says

    Sounds great, I am fortunate that no one in my household suffers from this, but I have many friends who have children that do, so I will definitely tell them about these products, thanks for sharing.

  8. Retail Therapy Lounge says

    This looks like good stuff – both of my kids have some skin hydration issues from time to time.

  9. Melissa + Tiffany @ Home Grown Families says

    My new little one has super sensitive skin, I may just check this out! Thanks!

  10. Beth Larrabee says

    My father had extremely bad eczema and passed it on to me and now my kids have a slight case too. I should check this stuff out!

  11. Isra says

    I'm so glad for this fabulous review, thank you Melissa!! I've never heard of this line before and my 3 year old has horrible eczema since she was a teeny baby. I'm definitely going to look into these products, finally a line made just for their tender skin.

  12. Cyndy says

    I'm fortunate that my daughter doesn't have any skin issues, but my dad does have psoriasis – am I right that they have a product line for adults too?

  13. Heather says

    Thanks for the review – I'm fortunate that we don't suffer from eczema, but I have a friend whose daughter does, so I'm going to share this info with her.

  14. momto8 says

    good review! my daughter suffers from terribly dry skin and we are forever looking for a product that helps!

  15. Shawna says

    My best friends little girl has eczema very badly. I'll be letting her know about this review. Thanks!

  16. The Mom Jen says

    We have this and use it, all kids have some sort of skin issue and I have psoriasis. I really like it!

  17. Nichole Ann says

    That's great that you found something that works for you. My son had problems too and we tried so many brands that other moms had recommended and nothing worked. Hadn't heard of Exederm before though! The Ped insisted I try Cetaphil even though I didn't believe it would work and it actually did.

  18. Jen - Life With Levi says

    Very cool that it's paraben free. I was just reading about what those are the other day. Now I know they're something I want to avoid.

  19. Beeb says

    I tried some of these products also! My hands have been cracking a lot lately so I've been using them for my dry skin.

  20. Alyssa says

    I'm going to bookmark this to try. I am very allergic to lotion and I'd love to test this.