Everything-Princesses Review and Giveaway!!

Hayley is three and completely obsessed with princesses. Her obsession started at a much earlier age but now it is princess play and dress up all day long. She not only wants to play with all the Disney princesses, she told me,  “Mommy, when I get older, I am going to be a Princess.  Mommy, you’re a dentist but I am going to be a princess for work. Is that okay?”  My answer to her is of course, princesses have the best jobs in the world!

So, we were all very excited to find out about a company called everything-princesses.  They have virtually everything for all your little girls’ needs.  If you have a little one who is obsessed with princesses, you really should look no further. This is your complete princess store!

When you first log onto the website, you will notice that on the right hand side of the page they list all the categories of items they sell. First, is the dress-up. This category encompasses everything, including princess dresses, tutus & pettiskirts, princess gloves. capes, dress-up accessories. tiaras/crowns, princess sparkling shoes, princess wands, doll dresses, and trunks to hold all your princess products. The extent of the princess dress up in incredible! They have all the princess’ outfits including Belle, Cinderella, and Snow White – to just name a small few.

Hayley decided to go with her princess cape and princess sparkling shoes. She is obsessed with both of these items and it is hard to get her ready for school in the morning because she only wants to wear her shoes and cape!

Playtime is the next big category. In this, they have educational princess toys, group play toys, outdoor toys, play sets, play tents, puzzles including Fancy Nancy puzzles, and many more. Just looking at this category gives me ideas for the holidays and for birthdays for years to come!  If you are looking for a princess birthday, they have everything to make your life easier – princess invitations, party supplies, and party favors.

If your daughter wants a princess room, they have a vast array of princess furniture and room decorations. They have all the princess bedding you can ever imagine. If they want to go to school with the latest bags and backpacks, they have it all in this store! If your little one is into baking, they have princess supplies too!

Basically, this store is a must for any princess in your life. They have something for everyone – from the young kids to the older girls. You won’t go wrong with purchasing anything from this store.  To purchase any products for your princess, please click here: http://everything-princesses.com/.  Everything-Princesses  offered to give one of my readers a $40 Gift card to anything in their store. They are also graciously offering free shipping for this giveaway.  If you are from Canada and you are the winner, you will just have to pay the additional cost to ship outside the US for the products you order.  This would be a terrific holiday or birthday gift for any princess in your life. 

This giveaway is run via rafflecopter. The only mandatory entry is tell to tell me which princess products your kids or friends would love! Although it is not mandatory to fill out the remaining entries, I highly suggest it to increase your chances of winning!  Good Luck! Click “read more” to see the actual contest.

* I received one or more of these products for review. All my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.

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  1. Tamara @ Southern Yankee Mix says

    The petti skirts are TDF! Hanna would have a blast trying to pick something out from Everything Princess – she'd want the entire site I'm sure, LOL.

  2. Healthy Branscoms says

    I love the tutu's! :) My daughter would love this! :) Erin I became a follower of your blog.

  3. Rachel @ small steps on our journey says

    My daughter would flip over the lavender [petti skirt and those pink shoes your daughter has (there we go, I've already spent it, ha ha!)

  4. Nikki says

    My daughter would love the Snow White dress! She has been obsessed with all the Disney princesses and tells everyone that she's a princess. All she wants for Christmas is princess stuff!

  5. Lacey says

    Oh my gosh! My girls would love that cape…they both like to pretend to be Princess Superheroes!

  6. The BOAT says

    Awesome products. I love the cinderella dress, but my princess is still too small for it. (13 months & little) so I would purchase the books, & wooden puzzle…maybe the princess purse too!

  7. Maria says

    one of my best friend's daughters is obsessed with princesses too!! she loves cinderella. we even watched prince william and kate's wedding. she had on her cinderella dress and shoes and wore a tiara out to lunch. she would adore the cape that hayley is so beautifully modeling.
    i tell ya, hayley is one lucky little lady!! and i can tell how much she appreciates all these amazing blessings she gets to model.
    those shoes are too cute!!
    thank you for being such a bright and encouraging piece of my day! your comment made me smile. that is my mom. and it's so sweet, bc not many ever think we look alike. but there are times i see it so much.

    wishing you a wonderful thursday, melissa!
    maria <3

  8. Michelle says

    i would get two capes just like you reviewed. my daughters always want me to tie their blankets on and i never remember to go cape shopping LOL

  9. Ashley S says

    My nieces would love all the dress-up clothes and the Princess Bedroom furniture! So cute!
    abgillette at gmail.com

  10. Karen says

    Even though it is out of stock right now, I would want that princess tiara for myself, because at 59, I am still a princess! and I love that Rose Garden princess dress for my granddaughter! that is beautiful!

  11. Amy says

    I love that Hayley loooooves everything princess, I hope my daughter is the same way when she is 3. My favorite princess is Belle, so I would have to go with the Belle princess dress :) Thanks for hosting this giveaway, it is a great one!

  12. Anonymous says

    Love the Tutu's! and also any of the Princess Dresses

    Jessica Rose
    ijessica_r at yahoo dot com

  13. Heather from Our Girls Keep Us Moving says

    The Princess Belle Dress – no doubt! That is the favorite here at our house!!

  14. Our Little Fam says

    Cute, I can't wait until I have a girl although I may just end up with all boys! haha :)
    I love the Frilly Girl Petti Skirt, light pink and white.

  15. Lisa @ Two Bears Farm says

    No princesses in my house! But she looks very cute, and it sounds like a very fun site.

  16. Summer Davis says

    OMG What DON'T I want? The sparkly shoes for sure. And I LOVE the princess bike helmet cover. SO cute.

  17. Lisa Brooks says

    Princess Felicity Dress, wands, crowns, hats, other dresses, (Lemon dress is so bright & pretty) I could spend all day searching thru that site. My niece is such a princess. =)

  18. Kass says

    well since Rebecca is still so little I'm going to go with a few books for her to start off with. Of course i did bookmark the page for the future. I'm looking to give her a dress up trunk for her second birthday and want to start collecting items along the way.

  19. Natalie says

    I don't have a daughter yet…but I see so many girls obsessed with princess stuff. How could they not…so cute and usually pink LOL!

  20. Sassy says

    How stinkin' cute!!!! I so want to get my daughter the Princess Heart Necklace with Velvet Crown Box and the Princess Flip Flop Slippers

  21. Rebecca says

    i really like the Princess Heart Bracelet with Velvet Crown Box
    or Princess Heart Necklace with Velvet Crown Box

  22. Mommydoll13 says

    Tiara Peel & Stick Mirror

    and some of the fancy nancy goodies..


  23. Jean Lynd says

    Merry Maiden dress with hat is what I think my 2 little girls would like best.
    jeanlynd at att dot net

  24. alsvegas says

    my 6 year old princess angela wants a cape like the one on the blog,a new nice fancy dress, a crown and wings like butterfly barbie :)

  25. sweetsue says

    I like the baking things-the cookie cutters and cake kits. The place mats are cute too.
    smchester at gmail dot com

  26. Garilyn says

    My daughter LOVES anything Fancy Nancy, so I would have to say the Fancy Nancy puzzles would be a huge hit in this house!

  27. Maegan Morin says

    I would definately go with the cape and I absolutely LOVE the Rose Garden Maiden Princess Dress!

    megnate at telus dot net