Wordless Wednesday: Hayley’s favorite HABA Toy from Maukilo

Hayley is always ecstatic when we get a new toy! She screams with delight when we let her unwrap a present. So, when she received the HABA Rainbow Whirls Pegging Game, she was in heaven. This is only one of the plentiful kids toys available from Maukilo.  If you check out the Maukilo website, you can see they specialize in an abundant number of kid’s products, including Baby toys, Wooden toys, and Toddler toys. These are just a few of the many varities of toys that they sell for your shopping needs. For all your holiday needs, this toy website has you covered.

Hayley loves the Rainbow Whirls Pegging Game. For a parent, you love a toy to be both educational and fun, all wrapped up in one. This toy does it all. She had so much fun trying to stack all the rings on the pegs and yelling out all the colors each time she made a move. We sat her down at the table and off she went trying to fit all the different color pegs/rings in with exact “toddler” precision. She had so much fun with this toy she requested to go to bed with it. Obviously, we said no because it contains a lot of pieces but we promised her we could play in the morning. Next morning, the game was taken out again upon request of my three year old.  I have to say I had fun playing with her! Made for a very good bonding experience.

For more information about Maukilo, please contact their Facebook page.

About Maukilo (http://www.maukilo.com/)
When it comes to unique, high quality toys and gifts, Maukilo is unmatched in selection. Whimsical and innovative, our baby toys and toddler toys reflect our values of staying playful and environmentally-friendly.
Owned by HABA, the German-based forerunner of wooden kids toys, Maukilo has always offered a variety of European toys that serve to educate and inspire children throughout the years. Designed with creativity and incomparable durability, with Maukilo products you can truly Buy Once, Play Forever.
* We received this product for review purposes. All my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.

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    That's awesome, Melissa! I love it! My son would love some new toys and those look like so much fun! Thanks for sharing! I will have to check those out!

  2. The BOAT says

    Looks like so much fun…I love those educational "toys" that the kids just think are "toys" : )

  3. Trisha says

    Aw, I love the expression on her face in the first photo. Looks like fun! Thanks for linking up at Momma T and Baby E! =)

  4. Heather James says

    The photo made me almost hear her squeal! Educational toys are all I buy these days since we have way too many anyway! I think this one looks great, you have enlightened me to so many cool things. I thank you, but our bank account does not ;)

  5. Maria says

    i love hayley's enthusiasm!! she always is so eager and ready for photos and fun. educational toys that children love are awesome!
    and i love that sweet zane is getting in on the action too :)
    i hope you have a wonderful wednesday! <3
    thanks always, for your sweet words!

  6. Kiddothings says

    That looks like fun and she certainly looks excited about it! I must check out this site! :)

  7. euregirlsandboys says

    She definitely looks like she loves it! Zane looks like he's going for it, too. I love how durable wooden toys are.

  8. Amanda says

    That looks awesome! I love educational toys, especially when the kids dont realize they're learning. :)

  9. Samantha Jasovsky says

    Hayley is too precious playing with her new toy :) Looks like an awesome learning tool!

  10. Life With Captain Fussybuckets says

    That looks like SO much fun! I gotta get one for Captain Fussybuckets!!!

  11. Athomewithabby says

    I love that little brother is getting in on the fun! Great pics! Stopping in from MBS for Wordless Wednesday!

  12. Jessica @ TheCrazyChaoticHouse says

    I have never heard of them before. I am going now to check them out. Thanks so much for sharing. Both my boys' birthdays are in December so I am always needing gift ideas for them.

  13. Grumpy Grateful Mom says

    My kids would LOVE playing with something like that! It's likely the pieces would be spread over our entire house within a month, but it's still something I'd buy. :)