Sponsor Review-Prize Pack 2: Teething Bling, Juppy Baby Walker, Kiki Fashion Maternity Wear

Here is my prize pack of 2 for my big 12 days of Gift Galore running Black Friday, November 25 (9 am EST) to December 6 (11:59 pm).  I will be offering 4 total prize packs for a total of $400 in great giveaways. 4 separate winners will be chosen for each prize pack.

One winner will receive prize pack 2 including your choice of any type of teething bling, a Juppy Baby Walker, and a $25 Gift Card to be used at Kiki’s Maternity fashion store.

1.  Smart Mom Jewelry has the finest products for your teething babies. They are the innovators behind the teething bling. Any mom/dad  knows how hard teething can be. Also, when you have a teething baby, they will bite practically anything including your face, hands, nose,etc. You must know what I am talking about! Zane is going through the teething phase and he is always looking to “eat my face”. Anything in their mouths feel good for any teething baby. Also how many times, can you not wear any jewelry for fear that they will chew on it? I know I go through that struggle daily.

That is where Smart Mom Jewelry comes in.  Smart Mom Jewelry are the makers behind the teething bling. Simply put, it is a fashionable necklace that moms can wear that are completely safe for your babies to suck, chew, and teeth on.  Their teething bling are made from the same FDA approved material as most teething toys. Their necklaces are non-toxic, BPA, PVC, latex and lead free. Each necklace also has breakaway clasp for additional safety measures. You can check out all their products at Smart Mom Jewelry product page.  I have to say I am loving having the teething bling to wear with my outfits. Zane loves to chew on it  and I look like I am wearing  a regular necklace. No one would guess that the necklace is geared towards teething babies.

Smart Mom Jewelry is giving my readers their choice of a teething bling necklace.  You can pick what style/color you would like. You can also purchase Smart Mom Jewelry at http://www.smartmomjewelry.com/.   Smart Mom Jewelry can also be found on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Teething-Bling/167516720033 and on Twitter at http://twitter.com/#!/TeethingBling.

2. Juppy Baby Walker:

Are your kids at the age when they are still crawling but not walking yet? Well, I have a fabulous product I want to tell you about called The Juppy. The Juppy Baby Walker is the first walker that will fit in your pocketbook or diaper bag.  What the Juppy does, is help build confidence in those starting to walk. As I noted before in my blog posting, I have a chronic back problem and the Juppy doesn’t add any more tension on my back when my kids are learning to walk. We used it on Hayley when she was starting to walk and within a week or two of using it, she was full on walking. I absolutely love this product for that stage when they are not fully ready to walk and need extra assistance. It is so easy to use when you are out and about, and need an extra hand to help your child walk. Simply tuck it away in your diaper bags( it comes with a pouch to put your Juppy in) and bring it out when you need to use it.

When we took out it out for Zane to use, I was slightly worried due to his large size. I have to say, that Juppy inventors created a solution to this problem by having a zipper installed on the back side. I am pretty sure he can fit in it for quite awhile. While Zane is not near the walking stage, he loved the fact of being able to stand up unassisted. At first he thought it was a jumperoo, but after I directed him to walking, he LOVED it! Even my husband commented how easy it was to use and how you don’t have any back problems from trying to get my 23 pounder to move. It really is a win-win invention.

One lucky reader will win the Baby Juppy. If you are not the winner, you can still purchase the Baby Juppy at The Juppy order form. Juppy can be found on Facebook at  http://www.facebook.com/TheJuppy and on twitter at https://twitter.com/#!/TheJuppyWalker.

3. Kiki’s Maternity fashions:

Are you pregnant or planning to become pregnant soon? Want to find adorable maternity clothes for all your needs? Look no further than KikisFashions.  

Kikisfashions has an adorable and trendy selection of maternity clothes at very affordable prices. I know for one when I was pregnant, I hated to spend an arm and a leg on maternity clothes that were going to be used for 9 months. However, I also loved to look cute and didn’t want to get clothes that would not hold up well. That is where Kikisfashions fit in.

Their affordable maternity line features everything from adorable maternity dresses, pants, tops, long sleeves,  and maxi dresses to just name a few. I personally went through their vast selection on their website and I could not find a single item I did not find adorable. I absolutely loved the prices as well. They have a special section for the under 10 dollar selection and  add in new selections daily. If you see something you like, do not hesitate, as they turn around their products to line up with the latest trends regularly. 

You can shop via their regular lines of maternity clothes or check out their new line selection that can easily be found on their site.  They also have a clearance section that I actually found to be adorable and so incredibly reasonably priced.

They have a Facebook page that can be found at http://www.facebook.com/kikisfashions?v=wall.  They are currently running a fall sale with 25% of their fall items. They have so many cute long sleeved outfits that would make for perfect day or night outfits. If you would like to purchase affordable/adorable maternity clothes, please check them out at Kikisfashions. One winner will receive a $25 dollar gift card to be used at their store.

*Please check back on Black Friday, November 25- December 6, to find out enter to win this prize pack as well as other prize packs I am offering. 

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  1. Amy says

    THanks I am having a great weekend.. I hope you are two. I have that first product… Have a great night..

  2. Brandi says

    That teething bling looks awesome! I really could use something like that right now with my little teething crazy baby :)

  3. Maria says

    ahhh zane looks like he's having fun!! i love the juppy!!
    looks like he might be walking in no time! :)
    i think those necklaces are so neat! you'd never know they were for teething babies too!
    maria <3

  4. Anonymous says

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