Prize pack #3 for 12 days of Gift Galore-Four the Love shop, Flyduds shop, Littyle Accents store

I previously posted the first 2 prize packs for my big giveaway going live tomorrow, Black Friday, and running through December 7. I hope you are all enjoying your turkey dinners and will check back on my site tomorrow to enter to win over 400 dollars in prizes. You can do your shopping on The Mommyhood Chronicles. 

One winner will win prize pack 3 which includes a $25 gift card to Four the Love shop, 2 personalized kids shirts to Flyduds, and a $25 gift card to Littyle Accents.

1.Four the Love shop:

We recently received a beautiful personalized bath towel with matching washcloth from the etsy shop, Four the Love. We decided to go with a sports theme but you can tell them what type of design you want on your towel/washcloth. They will work on you with any type of designs you would like added. 

When we received the towel, the quality was second to none and withstood the multiple washings test. The embroidery held up perfectly and the towel/wash cloth felt unbelievably soft. I can say, that I have tried multiple towels, where I don’t like the feel. You know what I am taking about- you buy it and then you hate to put it around you because it has a rough texture. This towel will not give you any of these problems. I can assure you! 

Aside from the adorable bath towels/beach towels/and washcloths, she also handcrafts beautiful baby blanket and taggies. If you check out her etsy shop, you will also see various other kids needs such as bow holders and assorted matching kids clothes.

Four the Love was started by two crafty moms who wanted to design beautiful and handcrafted gifts. They have a passion for crafting/sewing and love to share their passions. They are extremely personable and will help you with any question you have.

Please check out their shop to purchase any items at: Four the Love. They would make wonderful gifts. They are also on Facebook at: Four the Love. They have graciously offered my readers a $25 gift card to their shop. You can use the gift card on any item you would like. Most items can be personalized for your kids needs!

2. FlyDuds shop:

I have previously done a review on FlyDuds. Click to see the adorable matching shirts that Flyduds did for my daughters third birthday: Hayley’s Third Birthday. They are an incredible shop to work with and have some truly adorable shirts for all your kids needs. You can virtually find any type of personalized kids shirt on her vast array of designs. We personally did the matching Z and H shirts for my kids as well as a 3 year old birthday shirt with Hayley written on  it.


Some other ideas she lists for kids shirts includes Christmas shirts, brother/sister shirts, Winter shirts, Birthday shirts- to just name a small few. She has over 26 pages to pick from for designs.  Her selection is truly incredible.

She is a mom of 2 who is a “one woman show”. She designs, makes, and ships the shirts herself.  She sells a fresh, hip kids apparel that can be made in infant, toddler, and youth sizes. Each item is personally handcrafted and woven with only eco-friendly ingredients. She also goes by her word that each item will not fade,crack, or peel.  I have to attest that the few shirts we own from her, have been through it all, and each time they wear them, they look brand new! That says a lot! 

They can also make women/men shirts. If you do not see what you want, just ask her. She is so friendly and will get back to very quickly. If you are interested in buying adorable kids shirts, please check out her page at: Flyduds. She can also be found on Facebook: FlyDuds. Flyduds is graciously offering my readers their choice of 2 personalized shirts. You can pick what you would like in terms of design.

3. Littyle accents:

Littyle accents is your one stop shopping for your kids fashion needs. They go out of their way to find the most trendy, fun, and functional accessories for babies/toddlers/youth. They go to trade shows and then bring to their site all of the greatest finds.

Everything on their site, is simply adorable! Whether you have a boy or a girl, they have so many cute clothes/products, you will not want to leave. Believe me! Some of the items they sell include leg warmers, socks, hair accessories, bows, clips, headbands, snap clips, hats, undergarments, bloomies, sunglasses, belts, bags, and winter gloves. 

I know this seems like a lot but they truly have it all. These are not the run of the mill kids items but rather the most hippest and fashionable products on the market. If you search their site, you can easily find all the products she sells on the right side. Once you click on this, they will bring you to each pages products. 

I promise you that these products would make perfect gifts year round. I also personally know her and she is one of the most sweetest people I know. She will easily answer any questions you have about any products and gets back to you in a very timely fashion (no pun intended). If you are looking to buy cute accessories/clothes, check out Littyle accents. They can also be found on Facebook at Littyle Accents and on twitter: Littyle Accents. Littyle Accents has graciously offered one of my readers a $25 gift card to their store.

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  1. Maria says

    That towel looks So comfortable and warm!!
    Another great personalized gift!!
    You have two of the cutest little models!! :)

  2. Mrs. Martinet says

    I love that you are featuring some WAHM – small business types of vendors. Etsy rocks! These all looked adorable.

  3. Amy says

    This is my favorite prize pack, you can never have too many personalized items:) Your models are adorable too!

  4. Alicia says

    I could get gifts for three of my friends' kids with this prize! That would be great, and they're all shops with adorable items!