Wordless Wednesday: The Little Dude Sleeps Anywhere!

The Z man falls asleep anywhere! Here he is on this fine day, falling asleep in the Jumperoo. I absolutely am in love with this age (he is 6 months). Now, can we sleep at night?  Mommy, would greatly appreciate it.

Also, the winner of my lovable labels giveaway, according to random.org, is TheMooresBabies. Congrats!

I will contact you by email. Don’t forget you can still enter my teething necklace giveaway and I will have a new, exciting review/giveaway up on Thursday.

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  1. OverMom says

    Oh that is adorable! Dom and Logan used to fall asleep anywhere too. Charlie does not. She needs to be in our arms, in her crib or riding in the car.

  2. Carrie with Children says

    Too sweet! I have the same type of pictures of my girls. It's really tough work playing and jumping :)

  3. Heather says

    This should say, he sleeps anywhere – during the day :) Neither of my girls slept anywhere. Typical places like Tracy said. I love the photo and he is so adorable. I totally want to squish his cheeks!

  4. Danielle says

    aww! he is so cute!! my little didn't start sleeping through the night until 11 months old! ahhhhh

  5. Just Jenny @ Sippy Cup Chronicles says

    haha cute! My daughter's won't fall asleep anywhere but in their cribs….I wish they sometimes would just sleep, but if we are out or they aren't in their typical sleeping place they will not sleep.

    Love the new blog look :)

  6. Nykki says

    Too cute! I miss when Olivia would play and play in her jumperoo until she passed out. Now she is everywhere! :)

  7. Tatiana says

    Oh my goodness, he's too cute! Sometime I wish my little girly would fall asleep easier in random places too. Instead she can only sleep in a separate room in her own crib.
    PS: Thanks so much for your sweet comment :-)

  8. best pre workout supplement 2012 says

    hahaha, so cute, he can sleep anywhere, but my son doesn't sleep, he want to sleep in his nursery room.

  9. The McFall's says

    That's so cute! I'm sure my daughter will end up doing the same thing. For now she sleeps in odd positions in her bouncy seat.

  10. Jamie L. says

    LOL! That is so cute, I wish I could just fall asleep anywhere.

    My daughter didn't sleep through the night until 9 months old/when she started solid foods. There is still hope :)

  11. Sarah @ It's a Vol says

    So cute! Evie won't fall asleep anywhere but her carseat, swing or crib! btw, we have that jumperoo too! We love it!

  12. Maria says

    he is precious!! man, i want one of those. he looks way too comfy.

    i would love to just hang out and bounce myself to sleep in one of those!! :)
    hope you're having a great day, melissa!!
    maria <3

  13. Amy @ Kitchen and Kids says

    How adorable. That age is a great age, but then every age will be great. I hope you get some night time sleep, but take the day time sleep when you can.

  14. Beth M says

    I LOVE it when they just crash hard like that. Plus it generally means they are taking a seriously good nap! :)

  15. Grumpy Grateful Mom says

    What a cutie! Hopefully you will get some sleep! My youngest has those same pajamas. He likes to point out all the animals. :)

  16. Toni @ A Daily Dose says

    AWWWWW! He is too cute. The places and ways kids can sleep is amazing, if only we were so lucky!

  17. Lindsay says

    Babies really can fall asleep anywhere. My oldest once fell asleep in her high chair while eating dinner. My husband thought she had passed out and was FREAKING OUT. It was hilarious once he wasn't scared to death anymore.

  18. Mrs. T says

    That is SOO cute! My Emma used to do that, too!! Thanks for visiting my blog & for checking out my Sponsor. I know she appreciates it. :)

  19. brit says

    aww I love pictures like this! Torin has never fallen asleep like that and it kinda makes me sad lol, just for the picture!

    I'm also grabbing your button! I love your blog!

  20. Judy Haughton-James says

    Hi Melissa,
    This is such a beautiful picture and oh so cute! You captured it at the right time. I wish you and your lovely family a wonderful weekend.

  21. Sheri says

    Oh my, I think your kids get cuter every day! Zane is just the most handsome little man, even more so passed out in his jumparoo!