Saturday’s Top Five Laughs-Come link up your post!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Looks like a good time to start all the fall activities with the weather cooling off significantly in the next couple of days.

I always do an weekly Saturday laugh post but I decided to make it a sort of  “blog hop/link up” for those interested in participating. There are no rules except please link up to your Saturday laugh post (not your blog URL).If someone follows you, let them know, so they can follow back. These posts are so fun and easy to write. You will have automatic memories written down for the years to come. Also remember, they do not have to be about your children. You can link up any Saturday laughs that you want. I am at the phase of my life where I talk A LOT about my kids so this is a fun way for me to do my laughs. Link up is posted after my laughs. Enjoy!

Now my Saturday Top Five Laughs:

5. The other day I fell asleep while Hayley was watching Dora. She nudges me repeatingly and says, “Mommy, wake up. You are missing Dora climbing the mountain with Boots”. Yes, I wouldn’t want to miss that!

4. Zane has finally reached the ability to find his pacifier at night. I used to do the pacifier insertion a million times a night but now, he can finally do it. YAH! The other night I got him and he one pacifier in his hand, one in his mouth, and one on his tummy. You best believe I put a ton of pacifiers in his crib.

3. I am trying to teach Zane sign language. I am a big believer in it as it worked so well with Hayley. Problem is everytime I do the signs to me, he looks at me and hysterical laughs. Am I that funny with my signing motions?

2. The other day Hayley went into Zane’s room while he was sleeping. I went up and asked her what she was doing. She told me, she wanted to make sure he was sleeping. The big sister checking in on the little brother. They are really so cute!

1. Since my husband and I are dentists, we are very regimented with our brushing routine for Hayley. Since she was a young age, we told her if we didn’t brush her teeth, the sugar bugs would come. Seems to work. The other day, her friend was over, and she told her friend in a strong voice, “You brush your teeth everyday. If not, the sugar bugs will come to your mouth”. This came out of the blue and made my girlfriend and I pee in our pants.

Now your turn. Enjoy


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  1. Lacey says

    This is a fun idea! But my mind has gone blank! As soon as it all comes back to me I will link up!

  2. Motherhood Truth says

    I linked up!! mine isn't a "top 5" but it was some funny stuff with my hubs and I. This is such a great idea! I love that your daughter told her friend to brush her teeth. It's so nice to realize the kids really are paying attention!

  3. mestills says

    3. I am trying to teach Zane sign language. I am a big believer in it as it worked so well with Hayley. Problem is everytime I do the signs to me, he looks at me and hysterical laughs. Am I that funny with my signing motions?

    - My kid does the same thing!- He also laughs when I say the word No.

  4. Sheri says

    This is so great, Melissa! Zane's sense of humor is already starting to show with the sign language, huh? As much as I hope he soon starts to learn, it is too cute right now.

  5. Heather says

    These are great and I have so many in common! I am often given the commentary on Dora too! There are at least 3 pacis in Natalies crib at any given time. Sign language hasn't gone far here either, but we keep trying.

    I love #2 and #1! How sweet that she's checking up on her brother already!! The sugar bugs, I'm totally using that. We sometimes have brushing fights in our house.

    Love the post and have linked up!! Going to check the rest now :)

  6. Angie says

    The image of a hundred pacifiers in the crib with the baby made me LOL!
    What us mom's do for sleep :)

  7. Jamie says

    I forgot to comment on your funnies! We're teaching Cupcakes sign language too… I thought I saw her do more a couple of times, but I'm not sure. I really need to be more consistent!

    I love the sugar bugs one!!

    For Love of Cupcakes

  8. Jessica @ TheCrazyChaoticHouse says

    Love your Saturday top five laughs. The things our little ones say! So cute!

  9. euregirlsandboys says

    These are great, as usual. I need to start leaving more pacifiers in the crib with Brinky. And I understand #1 – you have to get your sleep when you can, even if you might miss some Dora :)

  10. The McFall's says

    Such a fun hop! I loved remembering the laughs of the week. I bought Mackenzie a Whubbanub….pacifier with a stuffed animal attached to keep it in her mouth at night.

  11. Shannon says

    These are fantastic! I need to remember the sugar bugs ones. Also, I second the pacifier attached to a stuffed animal. During the day, we used a very short pacifier leash but I wouldn't trust it at night.

  12. Michelle says

    Kids are so cute!! We used to have tent for our oldest, so that the binky could never leave the crib. Plus, he used to get his knees stuck between the rails. Man, I loved that tent! Have a great weekend!

  13. Kelli says

    Just found you via the blog hop. Going to follow. I need to do one of these Saturday laugh posts. I have a mostly crafty/quilty blog with bits of my sonny, and our big dog thrown in. Today he told me that "Jr." doesn't spell (junior), it spells "jurrrr". Of course, J-R spells jurrr. So obvious. Then he told me that (junior) has more letters than that. I love your Saturday five. Sugar bugs–genius. :) Come by and visit me anytime @

  14. Candice says

    That's funny…I put several pacifiers in J' crin too when he was little. I figured, he's be able to find at least one :)

  15. JDaniel4's Mom says

    I told JDaniel tiny men will drill into his teeth at night if we don't brush. I like the idea of sugar bugs too.

  16. brit says

    I love that you're making this a blog hop now! I had trouble recalling my week, so I didn't participate this weekend, but I hope to next weekend! I also wanted to let you know I made some (ok, a lot of) changes to my blog! Come check it out!

  17. Maria says

    the "sugar bugs"!! how cute!! LOL
    i love your saturday laughs and all the sweet things hayley says!! she is a great big sister. so neat you teach them sign language…i bet his laughs are ADORABLE!
    i hope you got to enjoy the beautiful fall weather. i'm loving it and excited for it to get even cooler!
    lots of love to you!!
    maria <3