GUEST POST: Lessons learned about Mommyhood from a mom of twins

This post is generously written by Brittany from  Brittany is a wonderful mom blogger who has a lot of experience with raising twins. Thank you Brittany for contributing to my blog and please go check her blog out. It is a wonderful family friendly blog.

The 12 things I learned about Mommyhood in the first 12 months!

1.  You will still buy too much crap, even if you think you need a lot of crap, especially with twins, I thought I needed double of EVERYTHING…turns out, I didn’t. I should have returned all recieving blankets, bottle warmers, and half of the clothing….

2.  Two babies is hard work.  Especially when those two babies both had to be woken up at 4 am after coming home from the NICU to be fed, burped and changed…all by myself since my hubby and I split shifts. 

3.  Boppy pillows are necessary, they serve many different fuctions, first as a feeding support, then a resting spot for the non-mobile baby, then a back prop for the almost sitting baby, now sadly we don’t need our boppy pillows any longer.

4.  The first few months are easier then right now, at the time I never thought I would see the light at the end of the tunnel with newborn twins.  It turns out I now miss the days that they would lay there under their playmat and stare and the flashing light and animal mobile.  Now one goes       <——this way and the other——> that way.  I am now always chasing someone.

5.  Plan at least an extra hour when running errands, little old ladies love to stop and ask you a GAZILLION questions about your babies…for example my favorite
 old lady: “Are those twins”
 me: “yes they are”
 old lady: “o boys or girls”
 me: “a boy and a girl”
 old lady: “identical?”
 me: “um…no”
old lady: “wow, you must have your hands full” (like I have never ever heard that before)
 me: “yes but its lots of fun”
old lady: “well they are just adorable”
 me: “thank you”…walk away
 ***rinse and repeat about 5 times per store…***

6.  Its true once you have babies that your friends change, you now identify with the “moms”, even if those moms are 10+ years older then you, you have the biggest thing in life in common, you both have children.  The friends you once had who don’t have children yet may still come around to play with the babies, but don’t understand your priorities any longer.

7.  My once clean and spotless HOUSE has now become a toy infested, cluttered HOME, while some days it still irks me to my core that the bathroom or bedroom literally look like bombs went off and I contemplate the fact that buying new clothes might be easier then washing the ones on the ground.  I have to remind myself that no amount of cleaning is worth missing out on precious baby time!

8.  Time really does speed up.  I’ve always heard people say that after you have kids time just flies.  Its true it does, our first 4 1/2 years of marriage felt quick but we were in a very comfortable routine, once the twins were born its like someone hit fastforward…everyday is different, there is a kinda/sorta routine regarding the twins schedule but everything else has just been set aside.

9.  Can someone remind me why I thought I needed every baby book there was, every book on multiples or the first year.  I have opened these books, but motherhood is natural and not one book out there is going to identify with your exact situation…EVER. 

10.  I’m now a sappy sappy person, I used to be the “I don’t cry at the dying anything in a movie” gal.  Now I see anything remotely emotional and I tear up…the worst being the Grey’s Anatomy episode where Callie gave birth… I just started crying as I saw what was happening, NICU terms, APGAR scores…etc. 

11.  Being away from your babies suck!! I know I HAVE to work, its just not an option for us at the moment for me to be a stay at home mama.  I used to never ever ever think I would want to be a stay at home mom but now its all I can think about on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 8-5!

12.  And last but not least…I never knew that a love like a mother’s love for her child actually existed, sure I had been told, but I did not truly understand the meaning until I was wheeled into the NICU and held their teeny tiny little hands, if I could I would never let that little hand go.

Well those are the 12 of many many things I have learned this first year. 

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  1. Kass says

    I'll totally agree with all that, except our house is clean. After the kids go to bed Seth and I run around for about 20 mins and we clean the kitchen after dinner. Aiden has learned to clena up his own toys before going to bed, but when he was a baby we would quickly pick those up. I think it helped that once we were done playing with something we would put it away as we grabbed a new toy. Also we clean when they nap on the weekends as well.

  2. Jenny says

    It's funny who the mom experience is so universal. I totally remember the baby days, but sadly, they go so quickly. My "baby" is almost 8, my oldest is 11.

    Found you through the vB GFC hop

    Full Cart Full Wallet

  3. Grumpy Grateful Mom says

    Great list! I can so relate! My oldest is 7 now, and I get more teary-eyed every year! My house is also messy. I don't like to run around and clean after the kids go to be. I prefer to be in a vegetative state. ;)