Saturday’s Top Five Laughs

I had a few friends tell me I should begin documenting all the cute things the kids say at each stage so I don’t forget. So I decided every Saturday, I will dedicate to making this happen with my top five funny moments with the kids.

#5. I tend to say “oh shoot” a lot. I am getting better and I never really swear but that “oh shoot” phrase gets used a lot. A few days back, I hear a loud bang in the den. I turn to see all my paperbacks fall off the table. Apparently Hayley accidentally knocked into the table and just as the books were falling, I hear a loud ” OH SOOOOOT” I am assuming she was trying to mimic my “oh shoot” but it came across without the letter H and an extended O.  It made me stop dead in my tracks from laughter.

#4. Hayley asked me if we can go pick out her daddy’s birthday gift for next week. I obliged and off we went to the local CVS. She then told me her gift for daddy was not in the store. I asked what she wanted to give him and she said ” A real pony”.

#3. I finally started Zane on food this week. The carrots were a fail but then we gave him oatmeal. He seriously wouldn’t stop eating it so much so that he grabbed the bowl right up to him mouth and was gnawing the bowl. He cracks me up because he is an eating machine. The kid eats every 2.5-3 hours. He now has 6 chins and heavy folds on his legs.

#2. Daddy came home from work today and Hayley asked where he was. When he said, that he was at work, she replies”No Daddy, you were making a living”.

#1. Zane hates his carseat when he is tired. On returning home from Hayley’s swim lesson, Zane was overtired and hysterical. Hayley was trying to read her book. She proceeds to cover her ears and yells at him “Can you be quiet for a second”. Then she tells me to make him stop! I wish it was so easy my sweet Hayley!

So, tell me some of your laughs from this week….

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  1. Kim says

    Those are so funny! Here is one of mine. Earlier this week Steve was going through animal noises with Autumn, asking her what a dogs says, etc. When they were done with all the noises she knows Steve said, "Autumn how did you become such a smart and pretty girl?", to which Autumn replied, "Mama".

    I think I will be telling that one for a while :)

  2. Mama Luvs Books says

    Good idea for a Saturday post! Love that you are posting often!!! Mine is probably hearing Drew singing (without any music) while cleaning his room, "And it goes on and on and on… goes on and on and on….. I throw my hands up in the air sometimes Saying AYO! Gotta let go! I wanna celebrate and live my life Saying AYO! Baby, let's go!" He knew every word of the song!!!

  3. Twingle Mommy says

    I love when my daughter tells her brother or sister to stop crying! I too wish it was that easy.

  4. Megan says

    Such a good idea, I'll have to try that, along with the list of things I never though I would say. Already a follower but stopping by to say Hi from

  5. Melissa says

    The only thing I can remember that made me laugh this week is the sound of my son's belly laughs. 8 months old, and the boy just gets going when I play peek a boo with him and I make a particular face. It's hilarious.

    But I am really commenting because I am from RI too!! I have a hard time finding RI bloggers, and you are the second one I have found in a week. I am visiting you via Loving Life!! Have a great weekend! :)

  6. Alissabeth says

    Love it!

    My son repeats my "holy cow", but he says it more like "HOLLLY COOOOW!". It's too funny.

    Following from Circle of Friends

  7. Clairejustine says

    Kid's say such funny things:)

    Thanks for stopping by and joining welcome to the weekend blog hop following back,hope you will join in next Wednesday/Saturday? :)

  8. mmbear says

    Stopping by from the blog hop and I was already following thru GFC but I was not on Facebook or Twitter. So, today, I fixed that and now follow on both of those. I would love a follow back on those also if you don't mind. I don't know about GFC so if you could check to see that would be great! And yes, kids are very funny, we should all take a lesson sometimes and not be so serious all the time. Have a great day!


  9. KERRY says

    Hi! Following from Angie & Rosa's Sunday Hop…Cute blog :) Kids say the funniest things don't they?
    I think it's awesome you are documenting them…I will have to do the same.
    My baby boy is only 2 months older than yours, so I can relate to the food thing…Looking forward to getting to know you :)

  10. mom says

    these are great!! I love the oh shoot one and the making a living one! I don't have any vocal funnies yet, as my girl is almost 6 months old…but she is loving her cereal now that we started it somewhat, 'asking' for more and gobbling it up! She wants to feed herself so bad, when we start real solids in a few weeks I'm just going to let her go for it!

    I'm following you now from the blog hop, hope to see you around my blog!

  11. LaVonne @ Long Wait says

    I like this idea too. Today I posted some of the latest in my 3 year old's life too. :)

    I always am careful now about the words I say (no more stupid or hate in my vocabulary!). And I love chubby babies. The chubbier the better I think.

    I am visiting today from the Say Hi Sunday blog hop. It is nice to "meet" you. I too am a wife, mommy and 32 year old. I hope you have a great week!

    LaVonne @ Long Wait For Isabella

  12. Jamie says

    omg HIlarious Post! You should definitely write about the funny things your kids say!! I so want to do this when Cupcakes starts talking!! :o)

  13. Kass says

    LOL!! That is too funny!! I too have started writing down the funny things that Aiden says because years from now when I look back they are going to be hysterical. I call them "Aidenisms"

  14. Rhe Christine says

    i am constantly trying to remember to remember (LOL) to write down all the amazing things my kids say. I just love how they think and process things! its makes those tough "mommy days" worth it!

    so glad to be a new follower from Cammo Style Love

  15. Maria says

    hi :) thank you so much for stopping by!
    omygoodness, your children are adorable!
    i love your son's hair…too cute!
    and all your daughter's sayings…love that you are documenting them!
    wishing you a wonderful week!