Saturday’s Top Five Laughs

Thank you for all your well wishes on my upcoming travels. We still don’t know if we are going- only the weather knows. Please be safe! In the meantime, I am still planning to have five wonderful guest bloggers next week.  Please show them your love. If you decide to follow my blog in the next week, please let me know. I appreciate all the comments and will read them all when I return on September 6.

I think we can use some humor this weekend so here goes my top five laughs:

5. Hayley has been hearing me say all week that I am worried about our travel plans. In response, she says,”Mommy, don’t worry. Rain doesn’t hurt you”. She used to be afraid of rain and now I am getting her saying this to me. Too funny!

4. Zane has a serious five month old mohawk going on. He wakes up everyday with the best bedhead. We have a hard time controlling the mane.

3. Hayley says to Zane all the time, “You the best sister in the world! I love you”. One day, she will say brother. I am just waiting!

2. We bought Hayley a child medical kit as a present for her second birthday. She never played with it till the last few weeks. Now, she goes around the house and says, “Dr.Hayley is here to give out your shots and to check your heart”. She wears her play stethoscope all day and goes up to random people and says the same too.

1. This last one, won me a free Melissa and Doug play toy for being the funniest way to embarrass your parents. We were at a BBQ last weekend and we were all eating. Hayley was playing with her friend and all of a sudden declares, “Mommy, I just went poopy on …insert friends name… leg! It all stopped us dead in our tracks.

What are your Saturday laughs?

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  1. twinswithtots says

    kids are freakin' pieces of work!
    And fingers are corssed you get outta here tomorrow!

  2. Mama Luvs Books says

    Hoping for the best for your travels. It seems to be dying down. BTW, have you told the "It's raining in the house Mommy!" story yet?

  3. Mommie Daze says

    My son has unruly hair too. He's almost two and half. He has a cowlick right in the middle of his head that sticks straight up no matter what. I can't even get it to lay down with gel.

  4. Network Marketing Mama says

    My 9 year old came to me with his usual, "I'm starving" line after he had already had dinner and dessert. I mentioned several things I would let him have as a 'midnight snack' and he turned them all down. He said they were all gross and he didn't want them. Before I could say anything else, my 5 year old looked at him and told him, "Well, then she doesn't know what to tell you!". I asked DS5 if I said that often and he said, "Yes, all the time!". hehe

    I'm a new follower through the So Followed Saturday Hop. Stop by sometime!

    Carrie at Network Marketing Mama

  5. Olah Momma! says

    Our little daughter wants to be a girl cowboy:)

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  6. Belinda Revercomb says

    you just have to love what kid say. new twitter, fb & gfc follower from circle of friends hop

  7. LOVE MELISSA:) says

    Thanks Tricia,amber,mamaluvbooks,twinwithtots
    Mamadaze, you are making me nervous for the future. 2.5 yrs old and still having wild hair. I'm in trouble.
    Network marketing mama, that is too funny. One sibling telling another sibling what to do.
    Olah momma, I will check it out. Thanks.
    Shelley, it is always doctor.

  8. Ola says

    THese are all so cute!!!

    I'm a new follower via Say Hi Sunday! I hope you can stop by and check out my newbie blog.

    Nice to meet you!

  9. LaVonne @ Long Wait says

    Hey, I was in that Melissa and Doug twitter party. That was funny!

    I am stopping by tonight from the Say Hi Blog hop. I hope you and your lovely family have a great week!

    LaVonne @ Long Wait For Isabella

  10. LisaWeidknecht says

    Hi! I wanted to stop by and thank you for joining the Planet Weidknecht Weekend Hop. I hope you'll join in again. I'm a new follower!

  11. LOVE MELISSA:) says

    Thanks everyone! I will resume my Saturday laughs this week. Think about your laughs for next week. I would love to hear them.