A Post for My New Mommy Friends and Pregnant Mommies

Thru my mommy boards today, we came across an article that was found on the nest.com. Here is the article:

I don’t really understand the reasoning behind the article. I think this article is a failed attempt at being funny. Why make new moms worried? Why make having kids seem like the worst decision in the world?
I guess they were trying hard to be funny but for the new mom, you don’t need to read this rubbish and be extra worried. I found the article depressing if you have no experience with kids yet. I personally read many articles like this before having kids and ended up getting myself in such a frenzy that I created my own anxiety. So, I will displace the myths one by one.
In response to the first, moms wear white. Crazy talk that you can’t wear white. I love white and tend to wear it frequently between the fashionably acceptable months of May-September,lol. Anyway, I rather stained formula on white than on black. Enough said of this absurdity.
In response to the second, you can drink and certainly have your fun as a new mom. I had my fair share of mojitos/margaritas since Zane was born. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a good time. Yes, you might be tired the next day but life is short- HAVE FUN! Life is not over with kids. I am not saying go out and get sloshed every week but sometimes it feels good to let go! I went out the first time when Hayls was 8 weeks and with Zane at 3 weeks. My husband and I make it a point to do a date night at least twice a month. Yes, your kids are important but your relationship to your partner is equally as important.  And if you can’t go out so soon, sit back and have a glass of wine! You deserve it after 9 long months of carrying a baby.
In response to using the bathroom in peace, this might in fact be true. I have not peed or showered without one in the boppy or swing for a LONG time. However, this is BY CHOICE. I enjoy signing while I shower and my kids tend to join me in my shenanigans. Zane coos but you get the picture. However, you can easily get your husband to watch them so you can enjoy a nice bubble bath complete with a good cheesy novel. The peeing alone thing I am still working on though:)
In response to not zoning in your shows, this is completely wrong. I still watch as much TV (actually probably more) than before my kids were born. I assure you other parents watch TV too based on the daily facebook posts about shows. They do nap a lot and you can use your free time whichever way you want. If you use their nap time for cleaning, exercising, etc. you still have some time once the kids are in bed. Enjoy the junky TV and don’t feel guilty. In fact, I watched 36 episodes of True Blood in the month Zane was born.
In terms of getting out the door quickly, I get both kids dressed and fed before Hayley’s 9am drop off at camp. All you have to be is organized. The night before I make sure all the clothes are laid out and lunch bags are packed. Sure a kid can vomit and you might be late, but it is not an everyday thing.
And regarding the reading, I read a lot! Having kids never slowed me down. This is nonsense! I am on book 8 since Zane was born.
Ditto with chatting on the phone. I talk a lot and although I might need to call someone back, I can get uninterrupted conversations if I plan correctly (when the kids are asleep, etc).
And lastly, I don’t watch the Tonight show, but I do watch my dvr or news in bed at 11. The kids sleep until at least 7 so I am still getting my sleep. It can be done.
These observations obviously vary with the kids but don’t ever fear having kids. I just hate reading articles that make it seem like motherhood is the end of your life! Again, maybe it is meant to be funny but it seemed like another annoying article. Having a kid is actually the best thing that can happen in your life, if that is the lifestyle you want. You might find it is hard in the beginning to go out and enjoy. You may find yourself having a hard time with sleep deprivation. However, realize this is SO SHORT LIVED (you will figure things out quickly) and enjoy your time with your babies. They grow quickly and before you know it, they will be grown. Heck, Zane will be 4 months already and ready soon to start food. Enjoy!

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